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Not your mama’s soylent green

I know some food purists out there are extra opposed to molecular gastronomy. They find it shallow and pedantic, overwrought, unnecessary, and an altogether pretentious way to prepare food. I would tend to agree with those folks, to some extent. The trend lately has been to exalt the homegrown and cozy aspects of food and of eating; praise for locally grown produce and peasant-like dishes has grown tenfold over the past few years, thanks in no small part to the emerging popularity of the “gastropub.” Seriously, you can’t swing a dick in this town without running into a new restaurant that classifies itself as some sort of gastropub. We get it. So what’s the exact opposite of that kind of simplistic preparation? The kind of work Homaro Cantu and his team do at Moto. The food straddles the line between outlandish and entirely sensical, demonstrating Cantu’s affinity for weirdo gadgets and unexpected whimsical presentations (think corn-based soup studded with popcorn that’s been dipped in liquid nitrogen).

I’m here to alert food fans to a show that’s going to be airing on Discovery’s Planet Green tonight, called Future Food. It features Moto executive chef Homaro Cantu and his pastry chef Ben Roche cooking up methods to help innovate the way we consume and produce food, all for the end goal of making a dent in world hunger. Real do gooders, these two. I’ve had the delightful pleasure of eating at Moto, once upon a time, and to this day that experience remains one of the most memorable, standout meals I’ve ever had. I STILL talk about it, and that was like five years ago. So I think these dudes know what’s  up when it comes to food. I’ll be watching. Will you?


“Something extra… my pants.”

Would you spend an evening with this To Catch a Predator lookin motherfucker?  This guy looks like he invented the windowless van.

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