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At Whole Foods on Dearborn & Huron, the rare and elusive Ed Hardy-wearing hipster is spotted in the wild. Lurking silently amongst the imported beers, he makes his selection carefully and with great consternation. His beer choice must reflect who he is, down to his very ironic core. It must align perfectly with his offbeat and rarifed skinny jeans,  his penchant for B-side mixtapes, and expensive shoes. He hears a faint rustle, the sound of a camera phone snapping behind him, capturing the startling juxtaposition of his full-sleeve tats and douchebag clubhead-brand t-shirt. Grabbing a case of Matilda, he darts furtively away, lost within a maze of quinoa and gluten-free cake mixes.

Fly away, Ed Hardy-wearing hipster. Fly away and be free.


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