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Having a blog (on WordPress)  is hard, y’all. Which is why you can find me at my cozy new home on Tumblr! Yes, I’ve settled in nicely at (some jerk had the NERVE to already be using Hungrypants…I’m giving that person the ol’ side-eye right now…) and have reevaluated my approach to blogging.

From now on, I will be offering a feast for the eyes via food porn shots of the things I eat, the things I make, and the things I make to eat with limited commentary. Not to say I won’t still be bringing you my cranky and often bitter observations on crappy food and detestable service, but I’d like the new space to be about the glory and the power of food forever and ever amen.

Because the New Year brought me renewed inspiration to actually, you know, COOK things with my hands, I’ll be sharing with you the failures and success that come along with having an oven that sets the fire alarm off on a regular basis, somehow triggering the actual fire department to show up at my door. This has really happened. Twice. I’ll be posting links to the recipes I use in the hopes that someone, somewhere out there, finds a recipe from me and thinks “Oh, that Hungrypants. She sure has saved me from a flavorless life!”

Anyway, add me, follow me, Tweet me, “Like” me (please won’t you like me?) Tumblr me (is that a thing?) and enjoy.


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