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Straight from Sveeeden

This is technically a food blog, but music is food for your ears, is it not? I have this inexplicable weakness for trashy Euro technopop and I feel I would be doing my reading community a disservice if I didn’t share this song with everyone.

Blank is a trio from Sweden, self-described Eurotrash, and the creators of one of the most infectious songs I’ve heard in awhile. They released their single “Shirt Off” (not to be confsed with the Gucci Mane song that goes by the same title) about a year and a half ago and just launched their debut album, You’ve Never Been to Sapmi.

If you do nothing else today, please bang this in your headphones and try to refrain from dancing. It’s nearly impossible.

 If you’re feeling really buck, go here and listen to I Love My Drink; a lighthearted take on alcoholism. Truly silly stuff.


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